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Does Paul McCartney Regret Marrying Again?

by Peter Cross

It’s no doubt that Paul McCartney tragically lost his true soul mate Linda McCartney (Linda Eastman) when her life was sadly stolen from her by breast cancer. It’s said that the couple was so close that the longest that they ever spent apart from one another during their entire marriage was one week, and this was because Paul McCartney was in a Tokyo jail cell because of possession of marijuana. Paul and Linda McCartney were the ultimate devoted celebrity couple.

In May of 1968, Paul met Linda again in New York, when he and Lennon were there to announce the formation of Apple. In September, Paul phoned Linda Eastman and asked her to fly over to London. He later said that Linda was the woman who "gave me the strength and courage to work again" (after the Beatles break-up). Six months later, Paul & Linda were married at a small civil ceremony (when Linda was four months pregnant with McCartney's child) at Marylebone Registry Office on 12 March 1969. Paul adopted Linda's daughter from her first marriage, Heather Louise, and the McCartney’s had three children: Mary Anna, Stella Nina, and James Louis.

After Linda’s tragic death in Tucson, Arizona, on 17 April, 1998, Paul was reported in the tabloids to be seen with model Heather Mills, and finally made the relationship public in the year 2000. In June of 2002 they were married in a reported $3.2 million dollar wedding.

The marriage lasted four years, and during the marriage the couple had a baby girl Beatrice Milly. Paul now has four grandchildren: Mary's two sons Arthur Alistair Donald (born 3 April 1999) and Elliot Donald (born 1 August 2002) and Stella's son Miller Alasdhair James Willis (born 25 February 2005) and daughter Bailey Linda Olwyn Willis (born 8 December 2006, the 26th anniversary of John Lennon's murder).

At the time during the separation it was often insinuated that Heather Mills had married Paul McCartney for his money, being that he is worth an estimated $1.2 Billion dollar fortune.

However, McCartney did his very best to squash this rumor during interviews and by posting a message on his website that stated that Mills was a person who has spent much of her time trying to help people in greater need than herself.

Before their marriage, Heather Mills offered to sign a prenuptial agreement but Paul refused. Now Mills is entitled to at least ¼ of his estate. It’s been reported recently though that the Paul McCartney divorce battle has turned bitter, and that it may be actually causing the 64-year-old McCartney to be physically sick from it all.

Things seem to be coming to a close now however, and at last report McCartney has offered Mills a package deal with different reported amounts from $120M to $235M. For someone who doesn’t seem to care too much about money hopefully this will be enough. Whether Mills accepts this or not is the question. This wont be the last we will be hearing of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.

All in all, any time a child comes into a marriage it then becomes very hard to regret that marriage happening, and surely this is the way that McCartney is feeling, even though he is taking a big blow to his bank account that will likely sting a bit.

He will probably throw himself back into his music which he has said in the past helps to heal his pain and cheers him up, don’t be surprised to see new McCartney music in the near future.

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