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Beatles Tribute Band - The Fab Faux

The Fab Faux with Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick in Chicago 11/14/09
The Fab Faux in Chicago at the Vic Theatre (with Rick Neilsen)
November 14, 2009

The Fab Faux Reviewed by Flo Eskin

A splendid time was had by all. We had great seats - 2nd row, thanks to Chris K, the beautiful long-haired, engaged lady. The sound was stupendously good. At one point Will Lee practically jumped off the stage into our laps! The band was spot-on for the complete White Album, and seemed to work together the best I've seen them - a cohesive rockin' unit.

Some of the details from the Mono-set were fantabulous - a rendition of Number 9 that John Lennon would have plotzed about; Tangerine strings and Hogs-head Horns and a harpist rocked; a surprise visit from Rick Neilsen again was a treat. He let a pre-teen boy hold his red studded Jack/King guitar from the gap during his featured songs - about 1/2 hour. I touched it and ran a finger across the red crystals that outlined the head stock [the part with the tuning thingies].

It was a show well-worth seeing. I was impressed - which is a difficult thing to happen, being exposed to such great music all the time as I am. It had energy, humor, drama, fantastic music well executed by extremely talented musicians. Each band member was right on. Some them stuck around for the meet-and-greet and graciously talked with the fans and smiled nice for pictures. I'll get those photos up sometime soon. Other than the tacky bathrooms, high priced-iced-down drinks, $20 parking, and getting a chunk gouged out of my finger by a bathroom door, I had a terrific evening. Good music & great people - one of the last legal highs left!

fab flo eskin About the Author - Flo Eskin

Fab Flo Eskin is a Chicago area Beatle-fan. She has visitied Liverpool several times and is a regular contributor to Day Tripping Magazine and attended the Love anniversay party where she took some really fab photos of Paul, Yoko, Olivia and Dhani. She attends Beatlefest in Chicago regularly and loves seeing Beatles tribute bands, expecially Instant Karma