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Beatles Clubs, Cons, & Zines
Since December 1978, Beatlefan magazine has been covering everything to do with The Beatles -- past and present, group and solo. [website]

Beatles Fans Unite
Beatles Fans Unite International Fan Club is and has been for "15" years, dedicated to the music, the lives, and the very legend, that is The Beatles! Features art by Beatlefans. [website] [forum]

Beatles Fans Unlimited
The Dutch branch of The Official Beatles Fan Club was founded with Brian Epsteinís/NEMS permission on the 10th of November 1963 and celebrates its 43-year anniversary now. It is the oldest and longest existing Beatles fan club in the world. Beatles Unlimited Magazine (in English) was founded on the 10th of April 1975 to satisfy the demand of the growing foreign interest in the Beatles after the UK fan club ceased to exist early Ď71. They also put on an annual convention [website]

Beatles fanzine dedicated to serious Beatles collectors and fans. Published 5 times a year. [website]

The British Beatle Fan Club
Based in London but accepts fans from around the world [news] [website]

Day Trippin'
Well-established international magazine and a fanclub that meets in the New York area. [website]

Meetup is a place online where people can start or join groups on just about any interest. There are a handful of Beatles meetup groups throughout the country. The New York group is the largest and has about 500 members. [website] [NY Meetup] In the Chicago area we have [The Harrison Street Ukulele Players] which is the club I belong to and we have a blast playing Beatles and other stuff Beatle-fans would love.

Paul McCartney International Fan Club
Since 1997, aka Off the Web this fanclub publishes full color magazine 3 times a year. [website]

Beatle Fan Conventions
The Fest for Beatles Fans
(formerly known as Beatlefest, but Apple had issues with that name)
The big convention held every year in Chicago, New York and one other city that changes each year. Upcoming 2008 Fests are NY/NJ March 28-30, Las Vegas June 29-July 1 and Chicago August 8-10. I've been going to the Chicago fest for since 1979 and its a great time. [website]

Abbey Road on the River
Memorial Day Weekend (May 21-25, 2009) at Galt House Hotel & Suites and Belvedere Festival Park in Louisville, Kentucky. All the top Beatle bands perform at this American version of Beatleweek.[website]

Beatleweek in Liverpool England
If you ever have the opportunity to go to this, don't miss it. It is the ultimate experience for Beatlefans. I went in August 2007 and posted some pictures on the pilgrimage page. The 2008 Beatleweek is scheduled for August 20-26, 2008, More information to be posted on their site soon. [website]

Beatles Days - UK
Mainly for collectors, this is a traveling Beatles fleamarket. We checked it out in Liverpool during Beatleweek because we were staying at the same hotel as they were having their show. Most of the Beatleweek action was going on at the Adelphi hotel a few blocks away. [website]

Beatles Unlimited Convention - The Netherlands
This convention in the Netherlands will take place on Easter Saturday, March 22, 2008 in Musketon, Uteche. [website]

Beatle Fan Forums
Beatlelinks Fab Forum
Online discussion group [website]

Beatles Fans Unite
Online discussion group [website]

The Beatle Forum
Online discussion group [website]

DM's Beatles Forum
Online discussion group [website]

Abbeyrd's Beatles Forum
Online discussion group [website]

Let it Beatle
Online discussion group [website]

Online discussion group [website]

The Cavern
Online discussion group [website]

Strawberry Fields Forum
Online discussion group [website]

Macca Funhouse
Online discussion group [website]

Come Together
Online discussion group [website]