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Beatle Tribute Band - The Cavern Beat

The Cavern Beat is the Beatle tribute band for the true music fan. They perform the early era music of the Beatles true to their records and often are compared to 'the jukebox' for sounding so much like the real thing!

All the members of the group are big Beatles fans and it is their mission to promote the excitement of the early era music with those incredible harmonies and lyrics along with the Beatle-type humor, bringing the magic of the past to life again. Give The Cavern Beat a listen to and find out why people all over the world from Japan to the UK and every in between are so excited about their sound.

Here is a poetic tribute from one of their fans...

"And Those Birds Can Sing" !!!

They're the clone return
Of the Fab four Beatles
And I tell you they'll have you
On Pins and Needles!

I kid you not
They are unbelievable!!!
To hear them once
Is inconceivable

That someone like that
Could be so great
Each one sounding
Like their "British Mate"

Yes Armando and James
And Jim and Al
Can sing those Beatles
Oh so swell!!!

And I'll tell you right now
And tomorrow and forever
There will never be a band
That will be that clever

There's just no chance
And there ain't no way
They could ever compete
With this band today!

I would just sit right back
And "Let It Be""
And just watch this band
Make "His-Tour-Ree"

Billy Nardozzi---Pittsburgh PA

P.S. I Love You


Run for Your Life

Kansas City

You're Gonna Lose That Girl

I'll Get You

Thank You Girl (Live at the BBC Version)

I'm Looking Through You

Nowhere Man

If I Needed Someone
The Cavern BeatSee them Sundays 11am-2:30 at
Dick's Last Resort - Marina City
335 N. Dearborn
Chicago, IL