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Beatles Happenings

Calendar of Beatles Events
If you know of an upcoming Beatles related event and want to put the word out to Beatle-fans, please contact to get your show or happening listed on the calendar. Please note that although the calendar says central time most are in local time, but you may want to call the venue to confirm. If we are friends on myspace or facebook, please send me invites to Beatle happenings so I can import them to the calendar.

A very special thank you to the people and groups keep me in the know... Friends and bands from myspace and facebook, DavO, Terri Hemmert, Meetup groups, and Olivia Anne. If you would like to subscribe to Olivia's Music Lovers, Beatle Fans, Bands, & Friends email newsletter or are interested in finding out more about Abbey Road on the River, drop her a note at with Music Lovers, Beatle Fans, Bands, & Friends in the subject line.

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